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Tropico 6 The Llama Of Wall Street-CODEX

Tropico 6 The Llama of Wall Street-CODEX: A Review

Tropico 6 is a simulation game that lets you play as the dictator of a fictional Caribbean island nation. You can shape the political, economic, and social aspects of your country, as well as deal with foreign powers and internal factions. The game was developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media in 2019.


The Llama of Wall Street is the first major expansion for Tropico 6, released in December 2019. It adds new features and content to the game, such as:

  • A new standalone scenario that pits you against a shady broker who wants to manipulate the global market and turn Tropico into a megabrand.

  • New buildings, such as the Trade Institute, which allows you to forecast and influence market trends, and the Toy Workshop, which produces goods that appeal to different age groups.

  • New gameplay mechanics, such as trade impacts and trends, which affect the prices and demand of goods on the global market. You can also use edicts and traits to influence these factors.

  • New challenges, such as random events that can have positive, negative, or mixed effects on your economy and trade.

  • New customization options for your avatar and palace, such as llama-themed outfits and decorations.

The Llama of Wall Street is a fun and engaging expansion that adds more depth and variety to the game. It offers new opportunities and challenges for players who want to expand their influence and wealth on the global stage. It also adds more humor and personality to the game, with witty dialogues and references to real-world events and personalities.

If you are a fan of Tropico 6, you should definitely check out The Llama of Wall Street. It is available on Steam for $4.99 until September 4, 2023. You can also read a detailed review of the expansion on Hugging Face or watch a gameplay video on YouTube.


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